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Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

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When your loved one enters a nursing home in New Jersey the staff of the facility commits to following a specific care plan. Any deviation from the care plan is a serious offense and can result in legal action. Unfortunately, nursing home residents are often unable to protect themselves when specific violations such as medication errors, wrong dosages or other mistakes are made involving their prescription drugs. If you suspect that your family member has suffered a nursing home injury due to a medication error or other negligent deviation from the care plan, a New Jersey nursing home lawyer of the Law Office of Andrew A. Ballerini is ready to help you stand up for your loved one’s rights. Contact a New Jersey nursing home lawyer right away.

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When a nursing home’s staff violates the trust you place in them to care for your vulnerable family member, the owners and management need to be held liable. Senior citizens and people with disabilities in nursing homes are the most vulnerable members of our society, and they often become victims of negligence and abuse. A medication error might not be immediately noticeable, but it can lead to long-term health problems and death. Our New Jersey nursing home lawyers have the experience and resources to thoroughly investigate medication errors and other negligence.

You can trust that your family will get aggressive, effective representation that stays focused on getting maximum compensation. Contact a New Jersey nursing home lawyer today.

Our nursing home New Jersey elder injury abuse attorneys represent families living in the areas surrounding Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who are seeking justice for a loved one’s injuries. Nursing homes are regulated by government agencies to ensure compliance with laws designed to protect your loved ones. Stop the abuse and neglect of your beloved family member.

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Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Medication errors in nursing homes are a concerning and serious issue that can have significant consequences for the health and well-being of elderly residents. These errors can occur due to a variety of factors, including miscommunication, inadequate training, high workload, and complex medication regimens. Here are some common types of medication errors in nursing homes and ways to prevent them:

  • Administering the Wrong Medication: Nurses might give a resident the wrong medication due to confusion between look-alike or sound-alike drug names. This can be prevented by using barcode scanning technology, verifying the medication against the resident’s medical record, and double-checking the medication with a colleague.
  • Incorrect Dosage: Administering too much or too little of a medication can lead to adverse effects or treatment ineffectiveness. Nurses should always check the prescribed dosage and compare it to the resident’s condition, weight, and other factors. Using standardized dosing tools and proper calculations can help prevent dosage errors.
  • Omission of Medication: This occurs when a scheduled dose is missed. A comprehensive medication schedule, clear documentation, and regular checks by supervisors can reduce the chances of doses being skipped.
  • Unrecognized Allergies or Drug Interactions: Lack of proper documentation or communication about a resident’s allergies, sensitivities, or potential interactions with other medications can lead to serious complications. It’s important for nursing homes to maintain up-to-date and accurate medical records.
  • Crushing or Splitting Medications Improperly: Some medications should not be crushed or split as it can affect their efficacy or cause adverse effects. Proper training and clear guidelines should be provided to staff on administering different types of medications.
  • Lack of Proper Communication: Inadequate communication between healthcare providers, residents, and family members can lead to misunderstandings, missed instructions, or incorrect administration of medications. Clear communication channels and involving family members in medication management can help prevent errors.
  • Medication Storage Errors: Storing medications incorrectly, exposing them to improper conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity), or mixing up medications can lead to deterioration and loss of effectiveness. Proper storage guidelines should be followed rigorously.
  • Inadequate Staff Training: Nursing home staff, including nurses and caregivers, should receive thorough training on medication administration, dosage calculations, recognizing side effects, and emergency procedures.
  • High Workload and Fatigue: Overworked staff can be more prone to errors due to fatigue and stress. Adequate staffing levels and breaks can help reduce the risk of mistakes.
  • Lack of Resident Education: Residents should be educated about their medications and encouraged to ask questions. This can help catch discrepancies and errors before they result in harm.

To prevent medication errors in nursing homes, it’s important to establish robust protocols, provide ongoing training to staff, implement technology solutions where applicable, encourage open communication, and maintain a culture of safety and accountability. Regular reviews and audits of medication administration processes can also help identify areas for improvement.

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