When a family member has been injured because of nursing home negligence, most people feel as though their trust has been violated. Nursing home abuse and neglect causes harm to some of the most vulnerable members of society – the elderly. When you feel unable to care for them, you have to rely on professional care givers who are supposed to provide satisfactory care at a minimum. If you have a loved one who has fallen victim to a nursing home’s negligence, call a New Jersey nursing home injury lawyer at the Law Office of Andrew A. Ballerini at (856) 665-7140.

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With over 40 years of experience, our New Jersey nursing home injury lawyers have recovered countless monetary awards for our clients in cases involving issues such as:

  • Bedsores and pressure ulcers
  • Medications errors and deviations from care plans
  • Physical and sexual abuse allegations
  • Injuries from poor hygiene and malnourishment

Our nursing home injury attorneys will correctly identify the legal issues in your nursing home lawsuit. Many times our clients come in thinking one thing is a problem, when really they deserve compensation for something else.

Determining the Causes of Nursing Home Injuries

All too frequently, a loved one becomes victim to budget shortfalls and cost cutting measures. When nursing homes try to cut corners, they jeopardize the safety of your family. We have represented clients in a nursing home lawsuit involving:

  • Negligent personal supervision and care
  • Negligent hiring and retention of employees
  • Negligent maintenance of the premises
  • Negligent selection or maintenance of equipment

Protect Your Loved Ones From Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse call our nursing home injury attorneys today.

Given the susceptible condition of elderly people, nursing homes are subject to many government regulations. When an injury occurs, the nursing home must produce a copy of the report within 72 hours of a request. Do not wait for them to contact you about an injury, request a copy of medical records and accident reports immediately.

To find out more about how to recover compensation for injuries suffered because of nursing home abuse and neglect, call a New Jersey nursing home injury lawyer at the Law Office of Andrew A. Ballerini at (856) 665-7140. Contact one of our nursing home injury attorneys and set up a free initial consultation about your nursing home lawsuit.



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